INDICATOR A is suitable for all crypto currencies. It includes 2 signal, the bigger 1 is for to enter the market, and another diamond in the graph can predict the peak of the bottom.

INDICATOR A can help you to save the cost of membership of trading view.

It already includes different indicators, i.e. Vegas Tunnel, DEMA, Bollinger Bands, Alligator, ATR.


Indicator B is more suitable for the trade within 1 hour.

We provide signal in telegram VIP group to remind you the timing of entry.

We produce profits on approximately 60-70% of our trading strategies.

Our indicators backtest about 10 cryptocurrencies for 100 times each in 15 minutes interval.

Is it your painpoint of learning trading?

Feel confused

Do you feel confused when learning how to use different indicators?

lots of time

How do you feel about the amount of time it currently takes you to learn trading with HIGH winning rate?

Lack companion

How important is it for you to have a study group to reflect your trading strategy?

Spent a lot

Do you feel like you take too many trading courses but you are still finding a long term winning rate high strategy?


Determine the best timing and price of the entry and exit
Take it easy even in FUD
Never miss any chance of good trading opportunities
Save your time by using the ALL IN ONE indicators


Determine the best timing and price of the entry and exit
provide you indicator of SHORT
which is very suitable for BEAR market
Notify you in Telegram VIP group
Save your time
Never miss any chance of good trading opportunities
Determine the best timing and price of the entry and exit
More confident to make the trading decision
DirectionPut and ShortShort Only
TimezoneAnyIn 1 hour and within 15 minutes
Telegram group reminder
Integration of common indicator
StrategyLeft side tradingRight Side Trading
Depends on price
Buffett indicator is the best fit for you if you are:

1. Beginners in crypto futures market
Buffett indicator can save your time of learning trading.

2. 9-5 workers
Buffett indicator can help you to focus on your work and not miss any trading opportunities, getting a pay rise by yourselves.

3. Beginners in technical analysis
Save your time by learning and using many indicators to make trading decisions.

4. Losing money with trading
Change your trading logic.

5. Paying to crypto market to learn
The indicator is suitable in bull and bear markets, you could enhance your winning rate through the indicator.

You could quit this website if you are someone who…

1. Do not want to change
Buffett indicators have their own advantage to keep the winning rate high. If you do not want to learn the logic behind enhancing your winning rate, it’s better to quit this website.

2. Stop learning
Do you have a growth mindset in a changing market? Keeping learning is a good way to survive and start earning. If you do not want to grow, it’s better to quit this website.

3. Focus on 100% return
1. Buffett indicator and signal group is to maximize the winning rate to take profit and minimize the loss. There is no 100% return with risks.