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交易新手指南 巴菲特訊號群使用教學

訊號群是什麼 訊號群是以巴菲特與旗下交易員的交易邏輯為開單訊號。 如果是新手的話,可以嘗試跟著下單,從中觀察及了解下單時機。 新手必知 如果你是幣圈新手,請務必做到以下幾點,避免賺少虧多,才是在幣圈活…

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吃到飽指標簡介 適用級別:均可適用 主要搭配技術分析工具:斐波那契 吃到飽主要是配合斐波那契去判斷入場時機。 吃到飽指標讓你在震盪行情抓到多空獲利 抓到大級別抄底現貨機會 抓住短線震盪行情獲利 如何使…

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吃到撐指標簡介 適用級別:一小時級別以內 主要搭配技術分析工具:斐波那契 租用此指標會送訊號出現提示頻道(Telegram) 吃到撑指標特點 逃頂熊市,做空獲利! 日線大級別做空獲利,用賺來的子彈抱住…

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Bitget 加密貨幣交易所 完整出入金、交易設定教學
Bitget X 巴菲特超值回饋活動

Is it your painpoint of learning trading?

Feel confused

Do you feel confused when learning how to use different indicators?

lots of time

How do you feel about the amount of time it currently takes you to learn trading with HIGH winning rate?

Lack companion

How important is it for you to have a study group to reflect your trading strategy?

Spent a lot

Do you feel like you take too many trading courses but you are still finding a long term winning rate high strategy?

DON'T WORRY! We're here!


INDICATOR A is suitable for all crypto currencies. It includes 2 signal, the bigger 1 is for to enter the market, and another diamond in the graph can predict the peak of the bottom.

INDICATOR A can help you to save the cost of membership of trading view.

It already includes different indicators, i.e. Vegas Tunnel, DEMA, Bollinger Bands, Alligator, ATR.


Indicator B is more suitable for the trade within 1 hour.

We provide signal in telegram VIP group to remind you the timing of entry.

We produce profits on approximately 60-70% of our trading strategies.

Our indicators backtest about 10 cryptocurrencies for 100 times each in 15 minutes interval.


Suitable for beginners to traders

You Will Receive: Crypto Signals with Entries, Exits and Stop Loss & Profit positions


Indicator A showcase
Indicator B showcase
Backtest Review

Backtesting of Trading Strategies (Timeframe 1)

ROI:94.39%(Starting from 100U)
Winning Rate:60.47%

Duration:223 Days
Timeframe:15 mins
Take Profit/ Stop Loss:Depends on market price

Backtesting of Trading Strategies (Timeframe 2)

ROI:97.42%(Starting from 100U)
Winning Rate:71.96%

Duration:180 Days
Timeframe:15 mins
Take Profit/ Stop Loss:Depends on market price

Backtesting of Trading Strategies (Timeframe 3)

ROI:384.88%(Starting from 1000U)
Winning Rate:67.73%

Duration:206 Days
Timeframe:15 mins
Take Profit/ Stop Loss:Depends on market price

What Our Traders Said

Beginner in Crypto Market Mr.F

The indicators are really easy to use, especially with analysis, the win rate is bery high. Compare to xxx indicator, Buffet’s indicator is much better and accurate.

Investment newbies Mr Tang

I’ve joined signal group for 2 months. My win rate is about 70%. The group will tell you when to enter and leave the market. If there’s any trading risk, the group will tell you. I earned my money back in the first week. It is totally worthy! 500 USDT → 1200 USDT (240%!)

Trader Mr T

After using a month of the indicator, most of time I did not lose. Especially I had a record that I have continuously win 6 trades! With your own trading method and Buffet’s entry. Basically there won’t be any big problems. I really recommend it. I got my 300 USDT asset to 1000 USDT in 1 month. Many thanks!

Employee Mr A

I bought indicator A and B, the winning rate is so good. I mostly use 15 minutes and 1 hour to trade. As I am still a beginner, I use little ration for leverage. They answer me very quick if I have question in the group. I think I am in a right place when I step into the trading of crypto circle.


1 Indicator

Either Indicator A or B

  • Monthly $30
  • Quarterly $80
  • Yearly $280

2 Indicators

(Most popular)

Indicator A + B

  • Monthly $50
  • Quarterly $130
  • Yearly $480

Telegram Channel

(Most popular)

Telegram Channel
Signals with
Entries, Exits
(worth 500U)

  • Monthly $60
  • Quarterly $160
  • Yearly $500

All in 1 Package

(Get a GOOD DEAL!)

Indicator A + B + VIP Telegram Channel
(worth 500U)

1 year for all Indicators
Permanent for signal group

  • Monthly $100
  • Quarterly $250
  • Yearly $900


Is buffett signal and indicator suitable for everyone?

Yes, this is suitable for beginners or traders with experience.

Is it guaranteed I can start taking profit after using the buffett indicator?

After learning how to use our indicator and signal, you can increase the win rate of your contract trading.

But it won't be 100%. Please visit to our Instagram and group to learn more about risk control and further more.

Any risks in trading when I use this signal and indicator?

Yes. Buffett indicator is to help you enhance your winning rate and decrease the loss in FUD. Crypto future risk is high, in return, the profit could be high as well.

Why do I share Buffett indicator with you if the winning rate is as high as I said instead of using these on my own to make profit only?

The market has too much noise. I would like to help others and have a reasonable remuneration at the same time.


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