Is buffett signal and indicator suitable for everyone?

Yes, this is suitable for beginners or traders with experience.

Is it guaranteed I can start taking profit after using the buffett indicator?

After learning how to use our indicator and signal, you can increase the win rate of your contract trading.

But it won't be 100%. Please visit to our Instagram and group to learn more about risk control and further more.

Any risks in trading when I use this signal and indicator?

Yes. Buffett indicator is to help you enhance your winning rate and decrease the loss in FUD. Crypto future risk is high, in return, the profit could be high as well.

Why do I share Buffett indicator with you if the winning rate is as high as I said instead of using these on my own to make profit only?

The market has too much noise. I would like to help others and have a reasonable remuneration at the same time.